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Subway Series: Three Games, Three Thoughts

Photo Credit: Adam Hunger/Associated Press

Going into the weekend, there was a solid chance the Yankees could fall on Friday or Saturday, but Sunday vs. Seth Lugo seemed like a foregone conclusion with Luis Severino on the hill, did it not? Well, that’s baseball, Suzyn. Lugo matched Severino pitch for pitch and did what Sevy could not: kept the opposition off the board, saving the Mets from a sweep in their own ballpark. Here are my three thoughts on the three games in Queens this weekend:

 This offense takes a while to wake up – This seems like the type of team that can jump on you in a hurry, but this weekend was the exact opposite. In the first five innings of each game, the Yankees combined for just one run, while in the final four, they totaled seven runs. Four of their six highest runs per inning averages are in the later stages of games. They have also entered the ninth inning behind on 22 different occasions; five times they either tied the game or took the lead. It is a resilient bunch, but imagine if they woke up in the first couple innings and then continued the pressure.

Confidence in pitching staff grows – Entering their Memorial Day Weekend series with the Los Angeles Angels, the Yankees pitching staff had a team ERA of 3.88. 15 games later, that has dropped 31 points to 3.57, placing them third in the American League and seventh overall. Of the 11 wins during the stretch, six of them were by two runs or less. The tighter the situation, the better this staff pitches: they’re allowing batters to hit .194 in tie games, .202 in one-run games and .210 in two-run games.

How can professional athletes not run – I get it, pitchers aren’t asked to run a lot in games. But if you know you are going to be pitching in a National League park, stretch out the hammies a little more, maybe go for an extra jog before the game starts. The fact that Tanaka pulled BOTH of his hamstrings while attempting to run from third to home is baffling to me. What professional athlete cannot do a 90-foot sprint? Ah well, vent session over. Two of three from the Mets is okay with me.

Up Next – The trip through the NL East continues tomorrow night when the Yanks host the Nationals for a pair. I’ll have a six-inning preview up sometime tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter @lilboon for all of my Yankees analysis while they’re playing.

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