Milton Police call attack on LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend “targeted”

Details continue to emerge regarding the domestic violence accusations made against Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

On Tuesday morning a now-deleted Instagram account shared side-by-side images of McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon from before and after she was brutally beaten during an overnight home invasion at McCoy’s Georgia home. The account belonged to a friend of Cordon’s and the graphic post was accompanied by a lengthy caption blaming McCoy for the injuries sustained by Cordon. It also accused the soon to be 30-year-old running back of having a history of abusive behavior and using steroids on numerous occasions.

In a statement, McCoy denied all the accusations made against him. The Bills followed with a statement of their own saying they are looking into the matter.

Now, a third statement – from the Milton Police Department in Georgia where the incident took place – has been released, providing greater detail into what happened to McCoy’s Instagram model ex. In it, Captain C.S. Barstow revealed that the department responded to the aforementioned home invasion at 3:18 a.m. on Tuesday morning to find one victim who had been physically assaulted by a single intruder.

Barstow describing the attack as “specifically targeted,” and not random is particularly interesting, as some rumors have suggested that McCoy orchestrated the incident.

Reports indicate that McCoy and Cordon had recently broken up and according to court documents obtained by TMZ, the Pro Bowl running back had sued Cordon, seeking a judge’s order to force her to move out of the home in Alpharetta, Georgia. The story suggests the two may have split after McCoy gave Cordon a “substantial gift,” and broached the subject of marriage.

The court documents also tell of McCoy sending family members and friends to remove Cordon’s belongings from the house and shutting off the electricity, while he was away at OTAs.

Roc Sports Report will continue to provide updates on this situation as it becomes available.

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