Last Week in Baseball: May 28-June 3

Over the course of a 162 game campaign, a lot can happen. We don’t expect you to catch everything that unfolds over the course of each week of the MLB season. Last week in baseball will serve as your guide to everything notable that happened over the course of the previous week of games.

From the walk-offs, sweeps, ridiculous plays, outstanding individual performances and slumps, we’ve got you covered.

With June arriving and summer baseball getting started, let’s take a look back at the final week of May in the latest edition of last week in baseball.

1) Farquhar returns

For the first time since suffereing a brain hemorrhage during a game on April 20, White Sox reliever Danny Farquhar returned to the field, but not as a member of the bullpen. Farquhar showed up to Friday’s game against the Brewers to throw out the first pitch, with his family alongside. It was a special moment and just the latest example of why we love sports.


2) Red hot, or not

After putting together that incredible five-run, ninth-inning comeback against the Astros last Sunday, the Cleveland Indians caught absolute fire for the early portion of the week. On Memorial Day they put together another rally to down the White Sox 9-6, then routed them in game’s two and three of the series to win five straight. One day later they made it six in a row with a 9-8 win over Minnesota. Just when it felt like the World Series contenders were turning the corner, they dropped the final three games of their series with the Twins over the weekend, going from red hot to ice cold just
like that. But at least they got this web gem from Bradley Zimmer out of the weekend.

3) How the mighty have fallen

It was not a good week for the Mets. The same team that began the season an incredible 12-2 has now lost 11 of their last 14 games and are three games under .500 for the season. Did I mention that their week began with pacing ace Noah Syndergaard on the DL.

4) A wedding gift from Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton gift wrapped a very special present for a lucky pride ot be on Saturday night. No, no, he didn’t go to someone’s wedding with an actual gift in hand. But rather, he launched a two-run homer into a bachelorette party soaking in a little baseball on Saturday night. The group’s reaction was great (as you’ll see below), despite the fact that they were dressed in Orioles colors and the dinger gave the Yankees a 4-1 lead at the time. New York went on to win the game 8-5, but at least they came away with that souvenir.

5) Home robbery

From now on we cna just assume when there’s a highlight of someone stealing home, it’s probably Javier Baez doing it. Check out his latest act of theft…

6) Wacha’s near no-no

Cardinals starter Michael Wacha flirted with a no-hitter on Sunday against the Pirates, only to watch it come undone when a pinch hitting Colin Moran led off the ninth inning with a single. So close. What’s worse is that this is the second time Wacha has carried a no-hitter into the ninth and lose it. That’s baseball for you.

7) Exercize your right to vote!

All-Star voting began this week, later than the usual May opening of the ballot. This is our friendly reminder that you can now start voting for your favorite players. Oh and we’ll do you one better…here’s the link:

Now you have no excuse not to!

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