Bills announce new mobile ticket policy

In an effort to make the game day experience more efficient for fans, the Buffalo Bills announced a new mobile ticketing policy on Friday.

Gone are the days of fans printing their tickets before arriving to the stadium for game day. Instead, this new policy allows fans to instantly view, transfer, send or sell their tickets via your smartphone. Fans can choose to access their tickets through the My One Buffalo app or, both of which are free to use. Those choosing the go the app route, it is available to iPhone and Android users.

Spectators can then simply pull the tickets up on their cellular device and have it scanned upon entering the stadium. The Bills recommended that you downloading your tickets at least 24 hours in advance of the game.

The EVP of marketing and brand strategy for the Bills, Brent Rossi, called the new policy “the next chapter in the evolution of ticketing,” in a statement.

Fans can visit the team’s mobile ticketing page for more information on the new ticketing policy.

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